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Why Open a Managed Account

You enjoy active and flexible investing and risk management strategies designed just for you.

You can sit back and let the professionals take care of the investing decisions and solutions that capture alpha under all market conditions.

You do not pay any extra in transaction fees, only what is customarily charged by the broker of your choice in which your managed account resides.

You can rest secure knowing that your portfolio is outperforming the market.

You are assured that your risk preferences and limitations are fully respected and never exceeded.

Getting Started

1. Tell us a little more about your investing goals and risk preferences. – Fill the contact form below with a short message.

2. We’ll set up a phone call to clarify investment expectations, understand risk tolerance limits, discuss a complimentary investment proposal and answer your questions. This is also the time when we discuss our flexible fee structure which departs away from the industry norm. Our fees are dependent on invested capital, profit expectations, risk tolerances and investment horizon and are to be mutually arrived at between you and Alpha Equity Investments.

3. Next, you open an account at an independent prime broker selected by Alpha Equity Investments for the lowest transaction fees and the best executions of your trades. This account is established in your own name or the name of your business entity. You fund this account by a wire transfer or by transferring appropriate assets from another institution.

4. You leave the day to day trading decisions and managing in the brokerage account to Alpha Equity Investments.