Benefits of Personalized Managed Accounts

A managed account is a highly personalized investment portfolio which is customized to your financial objectives, risk tolerance, return expectations and time frame; it’s flexible and fully attuned to your requirements. We meet investing needs that cannot be satisfied by a broad-brush, one size fits all mutual fund because we recognize that all clients are different.

You may be just starting to invest or you may be looking for more sustainable outperformance. Perhaps your needs have outgrown your current financial manager.

These are some of the benefits of opening a managed account with us at Alpha Equity Investments:

  • Custom-designed position-sizing and algorithm solutions specific to your portfolio
  • Proven trading systems with rock-solid, sustainable results
  • Numerous non-correlatedtrading strategies implemented simultaneously to achieve your defined investing targets
  • High returns with carefully managed risks
  • Professional management with an impressive track record of success
  • Fully transparent accounts, 24/7 access provided for anytime monitoring
  • Retention of full ownership of the managed account which remains in your name