At Alpha Equity Investments, we have a simple mission: Personalized portfolios and customized investment solutions designed to achieve the clients objective

With managed accounts at Alpha Equity, we offer specialized portfolios crafted specially to achieve your investing goals. We adopt a dynamic approach using proprietary systems of multiple trading strategies at any one time to capture profits in any market condition. Every step we take is custom-fitted to your investment goals, from unique position-sizing algorithms to risk and money management.

Benefits of Personalized Managed Accounts
A managed account is a highly personalized investment portfolio which is customized to your financial objectives, risk tolerance, return expectations and time frame; it’s flexible and fully attuned to your requirements.
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Paying Close Attention to Risk
We pride ourselves on implementing customized risk management attuned to your risk tolerance limits. Every client has a different appetite for risk and we fully delve into your risk profile to pro-actively manage downside risk.
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